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Raoul Sinier - Remixes



1 - Hecq - Steeltongued (RS Remix)
2 - Cex - 12exalt (RS Remix)
3 - She is a Lord (RS Remix)
4 - Igorrr - Valse en Decomposition (RS Remix)
5 - Rob Hubbard - Monty on the Run (RS Remix)
6 - Cordebrève - Sonnet Morne (RS Remix)
7 - Ruined Map (RS Remix)
8 - dDamage (feat. Tes & Crunc Tesla) - Sirup Head Elephant (RS Remix)
9 - Hecq - Steeltongued (RS Remix #2)
10 - Stuntman5 - Jackie Chan (RS Remix)
11 - Subheim - Between Fear & Love (RS Remix)
12 - Brutal Walk (RS Remix)


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Guilty Cloaks - Ad Noiseam

Welcome to my Orphanage
Good Citizen Factory

CD Digipack
11 tracks


Guilty Cloaks - Ad Noiseam

Guilty Cloaks
Ad Noiseam

CD Digipack / Digital
10 tracks


Tremens Industry - Ad Noiseam

Tremens Industry
Ad Noiseam

CD + DVD Digipack / Digital
13 tracks - 1:40+ min DVD


Brain Kitchen - Ad Noiseam

Brain Kitchen
Ad Noiseam

CD / Digital
14 tracks


Xxfdswxc2 - Sublight

Wxfdswxc2 /
Wxfdswxc2 Extended

(digital re-issue)
Sublight Records (RIP) / TEAMS

CD + DVD (out of print) / Digital
13 tracks - 73 min DVD / + 6 bonus


Raoul Loves You - Coredump

Raoul Loves You /
Ra Loves You Extended

(digital re-issue)
2004 / 2007
Coredump Records (RIP) / TEAMS

CD (out of print) / Digital
16 tracks / + 6 bonus



EPs  (show/hide)

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Raoul Sinier - Remixes


CD / Digital
12 tracks


Raoul Sinier - Covers


Digital/Free download
11 tracks


The Melting Man - Tigerbeat6

The Melting Man

4 tracks


Cymbal Rush / Strange Teeth & Black Nails - Oeuvre

Cymbal Rush/
Strange Teeth & Black Nails


12" / Digital
5 tracks including remix by


Huge Samurai Radish - Ad Noiseam

Huge Samurai Radish
Ad Noiseam

CD / Digital
12 tracks including remixes
and collaborations with:

Lynx and Ram
, Datach'i,
Vast Aire, Wisp, La Caution


Ultrafood - Ad Noiseam

Mad EP vs. Ra - UltraFood EP
Ad Noiseam

12" / Digital
6 tracks in collaboration with Mad Ep


Ev.Panic - Planet Mu

Ev.Panic Redone
Planet Mu

Picture disc 12" / CD / Digital
5 tracks / 7 tracks including
remixes by:
µ-Ziq, dDamage,
Venetian Snares


Two Heads - Discordance

Two Heads

mini CD 3" / Digital
4 tracks


Remixes & others  (show/hide)

12exalt - 2011 - for Cex - Tigebeat6
Between Fear and Love - 2010 - for Subheim - Maschinenfest 2010
Valse en Décomposition - 2010 - for Igorrr - Impulsive Art

Jacky Chan - 2010 - for Stuntman 5 - Effervescence
Whalemen on the Run - 2009 - for Poke 20 - Esc.Rec
Steeltongued Remix - 2009 - for Hecq - Hymen Records
Ripe Figs Remix Remix (feat. Noah23) - 2009 - for Bleubird - Endemik Music
Crosses - 2008 - for Leon Somov - Sutemos
Hapless Plastic - 2007 - for Lapsed - Ad Noiseam
Petite Créature de Poche feat. Hi Tekk - 2004 - for Langage Computer, unreleased

Marele Colider Lirical - 2009 - for Beatehas - Beatehas
Know the End
- 2008 - for Bleubird - Hiphopcore

Exclusive tracks
Untitled10- 2009 - on Emerging Organisms 3 - Tympanik Audio
Transfixed Night - 2009 - on Let's Kiss and Make up - Tsunami-Addiction
StrictEgg - 2007 - on Imaginary Friends - Sublight
Comatec - 2006 - on Remuzik - Intikrec
Petit Gilet (Remix) - 2006 - on Vol.1 -
ADX Rebirth - 2005 - on Hipothetik Disaster - Hip Notik Records

Old stuff
FunkyWorm - 2004 - mp3
the Hideous Dead Rats Party - 2002 - mp3




dMute (fr) - Chain D.L.K. (en) - (fr) - Chroniques Automatiques (en / fr) - The Red Eye Portal (en) - Adikt (fr) - Tokafi (en) - Subba-Cultcha (en) - Mowno (fr) - dMute (2004 fr) Brain Kitchen Magazine (en)


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Radiohead may have made their own, angsty ter- ritorial pissings over the genre of existential glitch pop with Kid A, but Raoul Sinier presents a genuine challenge to their throne. The stereotype of the electronic musician meekly hunched over a laptop is squashed by a Pythonesque giant foot, so epic are some of these tracks.


The Wire
This blend of the whimsical and the disquieting characterises the album as a whole: fairground flourishes are knitted to brooding industrial shades by crisply sculpted breakbeats and vintage keyboards trace out imperiously ascending prog patterns. Sinier is based in Paris and his music belongs to same strange corner of the French imagination as the film Delicatessen.


Raoul Sinier, the Bo Jackson of the multimedia world, is the epitome of a hardworking man. In addition to producing intricate, gritty sound structures that fall somewhere at the meeting point of IDM, hip-hop, and breakcore, the Paris-based artist also happens to be damn good at illustration and animation as well. WTF!


The Red Eye Portal
Captivating, complex and genre-defying; Guilty Cloaks feels like the most genuine piece electronic music I've heard in a long time.
- Full story -


Inpress Magazine
The joy is that you never really know where Ra is going to take you next, at one moment drawing upon melancholic Boards of Canadaesque wisps with cute synth lines, the next fracturing the same tune up into digital chaos. Inspired and original, there is not one false step on Raoul Loves You.


Raoul Sinier is one of those gifted artists who manages to bridge dance-music with experimental post-rock without being at all po-faced or inaccessible.
- Full story -
(...) and sound-masher Ra unleashes one of the most brilliantly heavy and strangely funky pieces of electronica we’ve heard in ages on the picture-disc-only Ev.Panic (Planet Mu).


On the whole, Cymbal Rush/Strange Teeth & Black Nails is an incredible EP and it's something I never expected to like so much.
- Full story -


“Huge Samurai Radish” is what I expected from Raoul Sinier, but don’t get me wrong I expected that he astonish me again and again. A brilliant album - that leaves with more appetite and a roaring stomach.
- Full story -

Raoul Sinier is an absolute breathtaking phenomenon. His music is made to loose words - and words aren't made to describe his all-embracing art. I think the secret behind his genius is that he thinks about every move he make and while he thinks about his moves he acts.
- Full story -


Brain Kitchen announces the presence of Raoul Sinier in the league of Miguel Depedro (kid606) and Guillermo Scott Herren (Prefuse 73, Savath + Savalas) as leaders of the circuit bending fusion of hip-hop bravado and broken electronics.
- Full story -

Sublight managed to pull over a few names from Britain itself. Raoul Sinier, a visual artist and musician hailing from Paris, is not only one of the latest examples, but one of the more promising new arrivals.
- Full story -


Ra has no regard for traditional song structures, a technique that’s rampant in underground electronic circles, but one that he’s definitely mastered the nonchalance of.
- Full story -


Un long maxi pour prouver - une nouvelle fois - combien Raoul Sinier est l’une des plus fines lames de l’electronica. L’ensemble est gavé d’imagination et le style immédiatement reconnaissable. Rarement chez ceux qui ont fait du flou musical un signe d’intelligence, on trouve la charge émotionnelle de ces fresques noircies à la chaux.


(…) l'une des plus passionnantes relectures du travail du leader de Radiohead qu'il nous ait été donné d'entendre.
- Lire l'article -


On le sait, Raoul Sinier est une vraie valeur sure de la musique électronique francophone et qui aime surprendre son public (…)
- Lire l'article -

Raoul Sinier est surement l'une des meilleures choses qui est arrivée à la musique électronique hexagonale.
- Lire l'article -


Goûte mes Disques
Raoul Sinier vient de frapper un très grand coup dans la fourmilière électronique, jusqu’à parier sur Tremens Industry comme le disque IDM/electronica de l’année. Absolument essentiel.
- Lire l'article -


Plus de deux ans après, avec "Wxfdswxc2", un disque plus réussi encore, il complète la démonstration. Raoul aime la noirceur, la rudesse et les aspérités, il ne se contentera jamais d'une mélodie lisse (…).
- Lire l'article -


Un peu plus loin, caché derrière un amas de caillasses, Ra l'attend, couché, l'oeil dans le viseur, prêt à lancer quelques-unes des plus belles batailles d'une guerre contre le formatage et la facilité.
- Lire l'article -

Raoul Sinier, en cassant ainsi sa routine et en suscitant la curiosité, n'est pas revenu pour faire de la figuration. Suite au prochain épisode.
- Lire l'article -



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April 21, 2013
March 29, 2012
November 26, 2011
November 25, 2011
November 9, 2011
June 1, 2011
May 14, 2011
April 17, 2010
March 27, 2010
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Nov. 26, 2004
Feb. 12, 2004
Sept. 9, 2003
La Cantine de Belleville (Paris, France).
Nolife Indies (Paris, France).
Electro+Mechanica festival - Kuryokhin Center (St Petersbourg, Russia).
16Tons Club (Moscow, Russia).
Release the Mangouste - L'international (Paris, France).
Ad Noiseam - Batofar (Paris, France).
La Grande Bumm #14 (Lüzern, Switzerland).
Escales Experimentales #15 (Allonnes, France).
Elektroanschlag #11 (Altenburg, Germany).
Présélection Découverte du Printemps de Bourges - Le Nouveau Casino (Paris, France).
Let's Kiss and Make Up - La Maroquinerie (Paris, France).
Centre Culturel du Crous (Reims, France).
Empreintes Numériques (Toulouse, France).
Marché Gare (Lyon, France).
Théâtre 13 (Paris, France).
Room 237, the Warehouse (Leeds, UK).
Headphone Session - Electroni[k] (Rennes, France).
Golden Puddel Club (Hamburg, Germany).
Lovelite Party Arty vol.22 (Berlin, Germany).
Altes Wettbüro (Dresden, Germany).
L'Autre Canal (Nancy, France).
La Chocolaterie (Brussels, Belgium).
Labtop Session (Rennes, France).
Mu Christmas - Le Nouveau Casino (Paris, France).
Electroni[k] festival (Rennes, France).
Let it Bleep #1 - Le Trabendo (Paris, France).
Ra + 19-T - Glaz'art (Paris, France).
The Spitz (London, UK).
La Guinguette Pirate (Paris, France).
Re_Construction (Paris, France).
Point Éphémère (Paris, France).
Le Batofar (Paris, France).
Boyz Revenge - Café de la Danse (Paris, France).